Deep Calls unto Deep


  • Genesis 1:1-3
  • God the father has the desire, which is manifested through the son which that’s desire is performed/carried out by the Holy Spirit.
  • 1 Timothy 3:16
  • The job of The Holy Spirit is to make us look more like Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit take you ahead of where you are but not too far where you cannot reach it.
  • The Holy Spirit is so holy that he cannot be corrupted. So he remains where he is but you are the one stepping away from him and his direction, so you cannot feel him anymore.
  • Ezekiel 47:1-5
  • There is shallow and there is deep.
  • A person who dwells in shallow waters is a man who is led by man.
  • Both people in shallow and deep waters are in Christ. But the ones is deep water are led by the Spirit. They speak the language of the Spirit, this is not just tongues but it is life.
  • In the deep water is it not what you see that guides you, but it is the frequency of sound.
  • In the deep waters, God changes your plans.
  • God has orchestrated prayer so that you won’t have trouble.


  1. Complete Surrender :
  • As we are praying a concept that it’s in your mind is transferred in the spirit.
  • Tithe is the acknowledgment that God has given you strength throughout the week for you to go and work.
  • The person who dwells. The deep understands that to do everything is it by God’s grace.
  • The deep causes the invisible God become visible to you.
  • In the place of deep God begins to mild your reality.
  • In the place of deep God sanctifies you fully.

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